Don’t settle for an “R” eye exam when you can get a REAL Eye Exam at Advanced Vision Clinic.

A good Comprehensive Eye Exam is not just the R it also involves

  • Refraction(finding new glasses Rx)
  • Examination of the entire ocular health
  • Answers from a doctor that listens
  • Longevity from a relationship, not just you being treated as a number

Refractions: Some of our competitors think a 5-10 minute eye exam to find your new glasses prescription(Refraction) is all you are worth.  We will give you that plus test for other vision issues like if your eyes align correctly and work together properly.  If you are not seeing 20/20 we will find the reason.  Did your last eye doctor even tell you if you corrected to 20/20?


Evaluation: We promise to evaluate eye structures as they relate to more than just your eyes.  Many medications and disease have effects on your eyes.  Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High blood pressure, Plaquinel, and Viagra are just some of the item that changes your eyes and should be discussed with your doctor.  Without an open unhurried discussion, how can your doctor gather your info and explain your risks?  We offer many tests you likely have not seen before at those other offices.


Answers:  We strive to make sure not to just gather the information and keep it our secret.  The doctor will answer any questions you have during the exam and educate you on your risks and treatments for you at the end.


Longevity: We want to see you next year and the next and the next.  The history with the doctor is another crucial bit of data that provides better care.  We treat all our patients great because we want that long term relationship with them as long as they live in the area.  You will not feel like a number that we don’t care about.


During your eye exam we will test utilize some of the latest in eye care technology to assist us in observing the health of your eye. Some of the instruments that we may use include:

NIDEK OPD III AutoRefractor

The unique OPD-Scan III is an advanced vision assessment system that combines topography, wavefront, automated refractor, keratometry, and pupillometry.


The Lipiscan enables your eye care specialist to view the health of your meibomian glands with optimum accuracy. This diagnostic tool has changed the way medicine diagnoses dry eye syndrome. With efficiency and versatility, the Lipiscan is a small and lightweight device with a comfortable patient experience. Quick and painless, the procedure takes about one minute to image both lower eyelids.


People with age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) often do not know they have the disease during its early stages. They may dismiss early warning signs, like trouble seeing at night, as part of the normal aging process. Ignoring these symptoms only delays diagnosis, which may lead to significant vision loss. The AdaptDx allows your eye doctor to measure dark adaptation speed, which may indicate the presence of ARMD, up to three years earlier than other tests.

Your doctor may recommend you take the AdaptDx test, if you:

  • Experience night vision problems
  • Are over age 50
  • Have a family history of AMD
  • Are Caucasian (white)
  • Have other risk factors

icam Digital Retinal Camera
High resolution camera used to digitally capture retinal images that provide enhanced diagnosis and management of retinal diseases.


reVue Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
OCT is like an MRI of the eye. It is used to obtain high resolution cross-sectional and three dimensional images of the retina, cornea and anterior chamber of the eye. This technology is very useful for the early detection and management of diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and many others. This is the same device that we utilize for our iwellness testing, but in cases where it is being utilized to assist in managing existing disease the scans will typically be billed to insurance.